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Sarah Louise Wilson
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Coalition on Anti Racism Education (CARE)

A Collaboration for Antiracist Community Development





To develop curriculum and professional learning offerings that will empower, advocate, and transform the lives who will fight for social justice and human rights towards an equitable and inclusive world for all people.  




To work in collaboration with educators, community members, youth, and existing human rights and social justice organizations to provide opportunities for transformation through education and legislative reform.



C.A.R.E. is committed to transformation through intention and action.  We believe that people are important, and we MUST preserve that truth through strategic and deliberate actions that uphold diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice by advocating for human and civil rights. We are dedicated to helping families, educators, and communities by connecting people to existing programs that aid in restorative justice and creating new programs that will aid education, housing, and prison reform, and instigate changes in social policies.

We lift one another up and celebrate our successes.  We share resources and provide opportunities to one another based on individual specializations.  


Sarah Louise Wilson

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FireSide Chats

Join C.A.R.E. Co-founder, and Host, Lisa M. Wilson and Co-Founder Co-Host, Kim Barker as they interview different artists, innovators, activists, and educators in the community who infuse Radical Empathy into their personal and professional lives. Fireside Chat is on LinkedIn Live and as Lisa M. Wilson would say, "It is going to be all the way live."   Watch us LIVE on our YouTube channel.

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