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Thursday NightOutcomes

Nurturing Radical Empathy in the field of Law Enforcement 

C.A.R.E. Member and collaborator, London McBride has provided his suggestions for police reform.  This list evolved after a Thursday night C.A.R.E. meeting on  9/10/2020.  We are grateful for London and his experienced perspective to provide a starting point for police reform. 

  • The first thing is for police chiefs to acknowledge the ugly history behind the badge to move forward.


  • REAL, educational, and informative cultural diversity and anti-bias training.


  • Revamping the training academies to include more de-escalation and mental health training.


  • Stop letting white officers use our neighborhoods as the proving grounds in which "good officers" are made. Revamp the field training program all officers enter after the academy. 


  • Development a more team approach plan of action to deal with mental health call outs (San Antonio Texas has a great method and UCLA has an amazing method they use). 


  • Annual or Bi-annual Psych appointments and test.


  • Development of Restorative Practice Counselors to work in concert with School Resource Officers (SROs) on campus.


  • Diversity within the command staff ranks of departments. 


  • Revamp the hiring process, including testing, interviews, and psych test. (What kind of officers are we looking for?)


  • Use of force reform (already getting buzz with AB 1196).


  • Truly implement Community Oriented Policing Policies.

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