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antiracism resources


Resources about antiracist work, solidarity with BIPOC, Black Lives Matter, Exploring Whiteness, Bias, and other topics relating to equity, inclusion, and social justice.  The resource list below was curated by Dr. Daniel Soodjinda - CSU Stanislaus 

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A reading list for thinking about racial bias in schools.

Rachel Werner on June 29, 2020

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Antiracism videos to share with children ages K-5th grade.

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These videos and discussion guides are intended to be used by domestic and sexual violence advocates and activists to spark conversations on the ways that racism and oppression have shaped our anti-violence movements and how we can dismantle racism in our organizations and communities.

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We want to see more social change in this country. We know that producing it is hard. Disparities in money and power mean that social justice advocates need to fight not just as effectively as their opponents, but more effectively. That’s where The Management Center comes in: we help social justice leaders learn how to build and run more effective, equitable, and sustainable organizations so that they can get better results. Click here


Antiracism resources for parents. 

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37 children's books about discrimination and racism. 

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Address racial inequities with location intelligence.  

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The link below is a list from NPR about antiracist materials that will guide your journey to an antiracist mindset. 

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The Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies was established to examine how social structures and related identity categories such as gender, race, and class interact on multiple levels to create social inequality. Click here


Learning for Justice seeks to uphold the mission of the Southern Poverty Law Center: to be a catalyst for racial justice in the South and beyond, working in partnership with communities to dismantle white supremacy, strengthen intersectional movements and advance the human rights of all people.  Click here


We envision the culture and systems of the Inland Empire that are free of racism and racially determined inequity, with communities capable of healing those suffering from the personal and historical trauma racism has caused. Click here

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