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C.A.R.E.  is excited to partner with JSPAC!

About JSPAC:

The California Joint Special Populations Advisory Committee (JSPAC) is committed to empowering educators with equity and access resources to address barriers to opportunities for Career Technical Education students related to special populations.

We Empower with Equity and Access to enhance the Career and Technical Education field, encourage girls, women, boys, and men to explore and enter into training programs and careers that are non-traditional by gender as well as high-wage and high-demand.

JSPAC is a committee comprised of educators from the K-12, adult education, community colleges (CC), and public and private sector.

Our members are equity-based capacity building leaders. Together these members have invested a long-term commitment to make and sustain progress of empowering with equity and access for educators.

To learn more visit:  JSPAC WEBSITE




Equity Analyst
Foundation for Grossmont
Cuyamaca Colleges GCCCD/ Auxiliary Organization

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