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Meet US

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Lisa M. Wilson

Co-Facilitator/Curriculum Writer/Principal Founder

Lisa M. Wilson has worked in education for over 20 years and is a social justice activist for education and prison reform.

Dorothy L. Haskin


Ms. Dorothy is an ECE Adjunct professor, mentor and consultant promoting diversity and social
justice through individual/cultural storytelling and STEAM in the classroom curriculum and life.

melissa c.jpg
Melissa Coyne

C.A.R.E.  Curriculum Writer

Melissa Coyne has worked in the ECE field for 30 years and is the Program Director of RIE.  She is an advocate for equity and critical thought.

sarah wilson.jfif
Sarah L. Wilson 

Core C.A.R.E. Curriculum Writer/Co-Founder

Sarah L. Wilson is an artist, screenwriter, director, educator, social justice activist, and advocate in the world of fine arts, media, and literature.

Dr. Koyya Lewis

 Core C.A.R.E. Curriculum Writer/Co-Founder

Dr. Koyya Lewis is an assistant professor committed to helping students — particularly underrepresented students —succeed in Higher Education.


C.A.R.E. Collaborator

C-Note is a poet, playwright, performing artist, and award-winning visual artist who is known as the King of Prison Hip Hop. C-Note is a social justice activist behind the walls.

Tonette Salter


Tonette is an Equity Analyst committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion explicit to race and systemic inequalities of underserved populations.

min king x.jpg
Min King X


Min King X is the ED for California Prison Focus.  King is and activist and committed to prison reform and social justice.

Terrance Stone.jfif
Terrance Stone


Mr. Stone works with students on over 30 campuses in San Bernardino, Rialto and the High Desert as well as visit with students in juvenile hall.

Shawna Wright


Shawna Wright is the Chief Possibilities Officer at Growing Big Ideas, a leader in workforce development, DEI+B, and a social justice advocate. 

janis hs.png
Janis Perry


Janis Perry , a professor of counseling and teacher education for 36 years, is committed to serving students with support programs and curriculum steeped in equity and social justice mindedness.

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Brandon Ashford


 Brandon is committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  He is the Assistant at College Of The Canyons for DEI.  

Dr. Shuna H. McMichael 


Dr. Shuna H. McMichael is a Research Administration, Compliance, Research Development, Project Management, and Grant Accounting professional.

Alexandra Evans 


Alexandra is a student equity and academic counselor who believes in the power of truth, authenticity, advocacy, and purpose.

Amy C.jpg
Amy Christianson


Amy Christianson’s work experience in education covers cradle to career and positions her perfectly as co-owner of Beacon Results, Executive Director of CCCAOE, and Butte County Office of Education Trustee.

helen chavez.jpg
Helen Chavez


Helen Chavez is committed to QRIS in ECE to ensure there is equitable access to quality programs for all children. 

Jocelyn Tucker


Jocelyn Tucker is an Educational Consultant, College Instructor, and an advocate for children and families with over 30 years of experience.   

Dr. Alex Davis

Co-Facilitator/ Collaborator

Dr. Davis is the Assistant Chancellor and Executive Director of the Los Angeles Orange County Regional Consortium.

Helia G. Cuadras


Helia is an advocate for ECE and education reform with extensive academic and hands-on experience in QRIS programs.

Yadira Arellano


Yadira Arellano is a Professor of Early Childhood Education. She is an advocate and consultant in social justice for all families and communities, focusing on parent, family and community voice.

kim barker 8.24.jpg
Kim Barker

Core C.A.R.E. Curriculum Writer/Co-Founder

Kim Barker is an assistant professor, child and family advocate, and social justice activist dedicated to reforming the system through curriculum development.

Rachel Johnson

C.A.R.E. Curriculum Writer

Rachel Johnson is an Associate Professor of Child Development and has passionately worked in the field of Early Childhood Education as an advocate for change and responsive care.

Maeve K. Bergman


Maeve Katherine Bergman, JD currently works on socioeconomic equity for community college students and their families with SF Bay Area faculty.

Renee Marshall

C.A.R.E. Co-Founder of K-12 Outreach/Collaborator 

Renee Marshall is an education advocate who has been supporting California Community Colleges since 2004. 

London McBride.jpg
London McBride


London McBride is a Husband, Father, Friend, Pastor, Peace Officer, Anti-Racist, and Change-Agent. 

wade hat.png
Wade Forde


Wade is a faith leader and curator for social justice reform and faith integration.  He is committed to creating and maintaining DEI environments. 

Rosy Corado-Biggs 


Rosy Corado-Biggs is a leader in Workforce Development dedicated to closing the gap in tech for women and BIPOC. 

Nickolas Hardy


NIckolas is a retired Coast Guard veteran and a lecturer at Cal Poly Pomona, teaching Socio-cultural, Historical,  and Philosophical perspectives of sport.

Eddie Lin.jfif
Eddie Lin


Eddie is a co-founder of NexusEdge;  Democratizing access to economic opportunity through online education created by employers, integrated into the classroom

Dom resized photo.png
Dr. Dominique Burrell-Paige



Dominique is a consultant, executive coach, and equity strategist who is committed to creating equitable ecosystems for marginalized person(s) within the workplace, prison system, and education system.

mike walsh.jpg
Mike Walsh


Mike Walsh is a co-owner of Beacon Results and a school board trustee whose passion is driven by your story.

Renetta Goeson 


Renetta Goeson is a early childhood activist and advocate committed to liberation for all people through collective action.  

Terri Givens 


Terri is a Consultant, Author, and Speaker empowering institutions and academics to manage crisis through inclusive leadership, strategic planning & collaboration.

Dr. Damien Robinson


Dr. Damien Robinson is a strategic leader and education advocate who has devoted his life’s work to creating pathways to quality degrees and career development for underrepresented students.

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